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When discussing wedding details leading up to a bride’s day, I like to ask silly questions about the planning process that actually has nothing to do with their day, but also allows the bride to tell me about how she hopes the day will go. One of these questions is, if they have any tips for future brides… Here is what some of them had to say :

Carli : Cherish every moment of the process and the road leading up to the wedding. Some parts are stressful but it’s all GOOD STRESS!!

Erica : When people offer to do stuff for you in regards to the little details – let them! I definitely took a while to start doing this because I felt guilty making them spend so much time on my wedding – because well, it is my wedding – when it comes down to it though, there are too many things to do on your own and it makes something that should be fun overly stressful.

Katie : Remember this is your day, if it makes you happy and you will remember it. Do it.

Rachel : I have a few tips! My first tip is if you have long hair and wear it down, comb it during parts of the reception if you can!!! It was windy, I got sweaty, and my hair was one big giant dread the next day! LOL! ? My next tip is to pause during the dancing and the fun and look around and watch everyone. It’s a beautiful and emotional moment to see that all those people are there having fun and celebrating you! It was cool to watch them laughing and dancing and having the time of their lives all because of you and your significant other! Finally, it’s okay to ask for help and to speak up for yourself if something is not going as planned!!! It is your day it should be perfect!!

McKenzie : Enjoy the process. Please do what makes you and your fiancé happy!

Cassidy : Bust out all of your big ticket items early; venue, catering, photographer. That way when the big day comes it won’t be too stressful! Also pay for the experience! You HAVE to take into account your time and energy. Do you want to spend your wedding morning stressing and decorating a venue, or would you rather have someone else do it while you hang out with your girls and get ready? I know money can be tight, but it is totally worth it to have a good experience and enjoyable day.

Carlie : Relax and enjoy the process. Not everything has to be perfect. You are going to be the only one who knows if the day isn’t exactly as you planned. Your friends and family will be there to support you and your significant other’s love for one another. They aren’t going to remember all the small details. Remembering that makes the wedding process that much more fun!

Kylee : So many people told me to let others help and to delegate tasks to them. I wish I would have listened earlier and not before the wedding. The amount of stress that you have a couple months before the wedding is insane, make check lists and only do a couple things each day.

Camryn : Don’t stress! Everything falls together perfectly.

Ruby : Accept any and all help you can get! When you’re deciding on bridal party, make sure you have chosen people that will support and help you out as much as possible! This is YOUR time!

Emily : When planning for your wedding, take it day by day. If you look at the big picture it can get overwhelming.

Connie : Take as much time as you need to just enjoy every moment. This day is about you and your hubby— you’re about to start your lives together forever. Don’t get caught up in the little things that don’t go right! Focus on the beautiful beginning that is about to happen!

Rachel : My advice for future brides would be first to really take in and enjoy each event and planning milestone leading up to the wedding, and give yourself grace when it comes to wedding planning. If you have questions ask your vendors! More than likely they will be extremely kind and helpful and are going to have great suggestions. Second would be to keep your wedding party small. If you leave it to just your closest friends or family it makes each event such a fun and comfortable experience.

Shay : Don’t stress!! I know it’s easy to say but this day should be easy, fun and full of Love! SO let the little things go and enjoy your day!

Emily : Invite designing and printing sites are ridicoulsly expensive! Keith and I designed our original invite on a wedding site, and to have them printed it was going to cost us around $400. Instead, we went to PrintCraft in Lewiston and told them what we wanted, and they designed it AND addressed all of our envelopes for us for around $200! Saved us so much time and money, and we loved the way it turned out. Another piece of advice is that there is so much pressure on brides to choose the “right dress,” and make sure everything is perfect for the wedding (hair, dress, shoes, makeup, decor, ect ect..)…worrying about all of that takes up way too much of your energy and causes so much stress! I was worrying about every single detail, and I just came to the realization that none of that truly matters. As long as you get to spend a day celebrating finding the love of your life, and celebrating that surrounded by people that love you, that is all that matters! Let everything else fall into place.

Kelly : Take time to plan so you can relax and enjoy the count down!

BrieAnn : Don’t stress everything will work out how it’s suppose to.

Megan : Go with your gut. Too many people will have an opinion on how you should do things. Take their opinions into consideration but at the end of the day it’s your wedding.

Cierra : As hard as it may seem (especially at first) enjoy the whole process of planning your wedding. The details all seem to fall in place and at the end of that special day, you get to walk away married to your person and that’s what matters most! Also, give people tasks that are willing to help, even small things to lighten your workload. Book your vendors early so you get exactly what you want!

McKenzie : It all works itself out, do the best you can but don’t forget to enjoy the day and planning process with your spouse, family and friends.

Katy : Plan plan plan.. Don’t wait until the last second to plan things. We are SUPER happy we did a lot upfront; hasn’t been stressful really at all. Also, if you’re artsy or creative at all, try to make things on your own. i.e. arch, flowers, table decorations, signs, etc. My mom made all our bouquets and flower things with wood flowers that she dyed herself; it was amazing. We’ve created several signs ourselves. We made all the table decorations. Not only is it cheaper, but also adds a personal touch.

Tessa : One tip I would have for future brides is to try and enjoy the process. It can be so exciting to get engaged, and then you start to feel overwhelmed during the planning process, which is sometimes a damper. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and take things one simple step at a time. Everything will fall into place!

Jill : Delegate! Focus on what you envision, listen to other’s ideas but its ultimately you and your fiance’s day so you need it to be what you want, and stick to your guns on things that are really important to you.

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