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One day I’ll tell you the story where I booked a destination wedding a week before the date, flew to Nashville to meet my photographer friend who was going with me, the flew to Aruba for the most stunning sunset wedding at the Ritz Carlton and made magical photos with this couple. Then in the […]

Aruban Bridal Session | Destination Wedding Photographer


Imagine getting married in an intimate greenhouse on the planes of Greenbluff Washington, surrounded by your closest family and friends. With windows on every side, you get a panoramic view of Mount Spokane and the planes of Greenbluff while you vow forever to your person. Seems like a dream right? This is a reality at […]

Best Wedding Venue in Spokane | The Farmhouse on Greenbluff

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This is a hot topic and something so important that comes up during wedding planning. During my consultations with my brides we discuss this, so I thought it may be beneficial to do a blog post about why! I gift every one of my brides and grooms a complimentary engagement session for booking their wedding […]

How to get a free engagement session | Idaho Wedding & Engagement Photographer

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The intimate wedding of their dreams. When asked what was important to Nicole and Ryan about their wedding, it was getting to spend their day celebrating with their favorite people, during their favorite season, in their favorite place. They truly wanted to celebrate their day showing off the beauty of the spokane planes to their […]

Intimate Fall Wedding at The Lavender Manor in Spokane Washington


I know I know, you might be thinking, “really? Another themed wedding? There’s NO WAY it could be any different than the ones we’ve already seen.”  Just hear me out friends, this Disney wedding was Disney, but in the very best way possible.  The main wedding colors were a pale pink and navy blue.  There […]

A Real Life Fairytail – The Disney Wedding of Your Dreams


Let’s talk detail photos.  Something I hear so often is, “why are detail photos even part of the day? Are they really that important?”  I’m here to tell you, yes, yes they are!  Your day goes by too fast for you to remember every little moment and detail photos keep those memories alive forever.   When […]

Detail Photos : Why the Little Things Really Do Matter


When discussing wedding details leading up to a bride’s day, I like to ask silly questions about the planning process that actually has nothing to do with their day, but also allows the bride to tell me about how she hopes the day will go. One of these questions is, if they have any tips […]

Advice for a Bride-to-be: From a bride who’s been there, done that | Idaho Wedding Photographer


Photos Matter.Photos are the only way,To hold on to what you knew.Because the moments they show never change,When the people in them do.  “But why can’t Uncle Phil take the photos?? He has his SUPER NICE camera!”  Okay, yes Uncle Phil or Aunt Debbie might have a nice camera, maybe they even take photos from […]

Why Your Wedding Photos are a Long Term Investment | Red Barn Farms, Washington Wedding Photographer


In the spirit of the 2022 season wrapping up, I thought it would be so fun to do a recap of the KP 2022!  I was blessed with my busiest wedding season yet, with 19 weddings in total.  Yes, it was so crazy and so busy, but also SO worth it and SO rewarding to […]

Best of KP Weddings 2022 | Idaho Venues, Vendors & More