A Real Life Fairytail – The Disney Wedding of Your Dreams

I know I know, you might be thinking, “really? Another themed wedding? There’s NO WAY it could be any different than the ones we’ve already seen.”  Just hear me out friends, this Disney wedding was Disney, but in the very best way possible.  

The main wedding colors were a pale pink and navy blue.  There were also pops of pastel colors in the florals.  This made it so all the fun colors weren’t overwhelming, but the fun colors were still there!  The bride was wearing the perfect Disney princess, fairytale ball gown.  It was sparkly and romantic, and everything that it needed to be.

The way they made their themed wedding different than some of the ones I’ve seen done before was all in the details.  Starting with their invitations, they had “happily ever after” on them which gave it a super romantic, fairytale feel.  During the wedding, all of their songs were Disney songs (how fun)!  This gave a subtle homage to their Disney theme in the best way, because who doesn’t love a good Disney song?

Let’s talk about the reception details.  The couple included Disney quotes in their centerpieces on the guest tables.  They also included small details on the desert table as well! Something so unique that the couple did was they had “glass slippers”, aka flip flops, for their guests to be able to have to dance in! I thought that this was such a sweet touch, especially for the guests that wanted to wear those super cute shoes, but also want to dance the night away with the bride and groom.  

Moral of the story – it’s all in the details.  If you want to go over the top with your wedding theme, DO IT.  It’s your day and you and the person you love the most should do what makes you the happiest.  But if you want to have a very classic wedding but want a little theme, add it in the small details. It’s all in the details.

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