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Client Guide

Here at KP, I strive to create an exceptional photo experience, unlike any other. This guide is built to help walk you through the entire process of having a photoshoot with KP, and will help make your experience seamless.

MEET YOUR photog

hey, friend!

Here to celebrate & capture your joy.

the KP experience


book your session

contact me here to get on the schedule! I’ll probably be so excited to hear from you that I’ll do a little happy dance!


get excited & have fun!

then starts the real fun; start planning and get excited for your session! I will be looking forward to meeting you at your shoot!


share your images!

I love seeing my clients share their images in print and on social media! don’t forget to tag @kaliphotography in your senior sunday posts!


During the booking process, I will ask you questions regarding who will be in the session, what kind of location you prefer, and the length of the session. Between 1-2 weeks before your session, I will be in contact with you to confirm the details and meeting times.

Keep in mind that as a natural light photographer, I mostly shoot during the “golden hour” time frame of the day (around 2 hours before sunset). This allows for the glowy, creamy lighting that my images are known for.


Here is where the fun begins! We will meet at a predetermined time and place to get some gorgeous images. When we get to the location, we will check over any last minute outfit options and make a plan for coordinating the location options. During the length of your session, we will do lots of different poses with different on location backgrounds, and walk around our location to get new perspectives.

Don’t worry about any modeling experience, as I will teach you everything I know about being in front of the camera, including posing, facial expressions, and hand placement. I’ll probably ask you to do all sorts of silly things like touch noses with your partner or walk slowly toward me. It might feel nerve racking prior to your session, but I promise it’ll be a blast!

Make sure to refer to the list down below of things not to forget!


After your session, I will carefully work through your session’s images to find the best of the bunch, and adjust lighting to add my joyful, timeless style!  I do offer some lighting adjustments and some photoshop retouches including removing minor blemishes and redness. I do not heavily retouch images, as one of the best compliments I can receive from someone is that the images that I provide to them are exactly as they remember the subject – joyful, natural and glowing. 

Within 3 weeks following your session, you will receive an email with your beautifully edited online gallery with all of the images that turned out from your session. If you follow me on social media, you may see a sneak peak or two of your images too! This gallery allows you to view, share and download your high resolution images all within the gallery site. You can purchase a variety of prints and print products within the site, if you choose, and sharing with family & friends is made easy! 


Session Day Checklist

Don’t forge to think about these often overlooked topics to prepare for your session!
  • Make sure to lay out your clothes before the day of the session! Nothing beats feeling prepared and having smooth prep time for your shoot.
  • If it’s in your budget, schedule hair and makeup with someone you trust to make you look your best! If you don’t know of someone, ask me! I partner with several hair and makeup teams in the area and would love to have them work with you.
  • If you have young children, feel free to bring anything that will keep them happy! We love bribery around here, and I often have a pack of smarties in my bag! Other items could be, a favorite toy, clear juice, and non messy snacks.
  • Please remember the weather, and that I cannot control it. Although I always plan for perfect weather, that cannot always be the case. I will be in contact with you by the morning of the session if I’m thinking we may need to reschedule your session. Otherwise, if it is hot, you may want to bring a water bottle; if it is cold, maybe a jacket between shots.
  • Please feel free to bring any props that you find fun. Lots of my clients will bring jerseys if they are sports fans, pets, cars, blankets that are special, etc.
  • If you are planning a clothing change, keep in mind that most of my locations do not have a great place to change, so you may need to change in your vehicle!

not sure what to wear?

here are my top styling tips

01. dress up, it’ll be documented.But make it comfy!

Consider wearing something a little out of your comfort zone, and a little more dressed up than normal. It can feel a little over the top, but we love when clients get creative with their outfits. Also consider your outfit details – hats, jewelry, belts, etc. Layer up with cardigans and jackets, etc can allow us some variety in your gallery because we can do some pictures with that layer and some without in your session.

Dressing up also makes for a fun date night after pictures!! Make sure not to dress up so much that you aren’t able to move and groove during the session. We will be changing locations a few times, often walking through tall grass and exploring wooded areas, I don’t want you to be unable to move. Bringing a separate pair of shoes for walking may be beneficial.

02. colors, textures, styles – it matters

Clothes really can make or break your session, so make sure to put thought into it! Consider adding combinations of colors and textures, and not just having the whole group in all black or all white. Although, the uniform look can work, my recommendation is to mix it up between the subjects in the images. It makes the images feel more interesting and gives the gallery the pop of color I’m known for.

Colors that I recommend are creams, tans, greens, peaches, yellows, etc. Darker colors can often times be lightened during my shooting and editing process, so blacks aren’t always recommended.

03. Coordinate, don’t match

Again, a uniform look can work, but my recommendation is to coordinate colors between the subjects in the images! It’s best not to haven kids both in the same outfit, instead swap colors around in the outfits and coordinate them together.

Also consider the season you have scheduled your session – you may want to coordinate the outfit colors to the location colors. For example, if you are scheduling your session in the winter, you may not want to wear a white dress in the snow. Instead, go for a tan or cream color!

worried about posing or feeling awkward?

How I pose my clients
  • Guided Posing – I have studied the art of posing clients and have years of experience under my belt! Don’t worry about not knowing what to do with your hands. I will always have an answer and give you tons of direction so you are comfortable and feeling confident in your poses!
  • Movement – Often times, I will give you a pose and do a few still shots with that pose, and lots of direction. However, I’m also a lover of movement in photography, it gives your gallery lots of variety and also allows me to capture the joy between you!
  • HAVE FUN! Really, posing never has to be awkward. I honestly hardly ever stop talking so there will never be awkward silence, and you will get lots of laughs. I find that the clients that let loose a little bit and just have fun with their session, love their images the most!
  • Also, keep a healthy expectation that kids and dogs (and sometimes boyfriends!) don’t always cooperate or get as excited about sessions, so keep your expectations along with their age, and know that I’m here for the bribery and all of the fun moments in between.

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real results

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there’s bonuses!


Last step to any session is to leave me a google review! These mean the world to me.

Have more questions?


I’m totally here for helping style you for pictures! Once you book with me, you will receive a guide helping you prepare for your session, including my favorite tips and tricks for making great outfit decisions.

Seniors, portraits and boudoir photography have a 3 week turn around time for most all sessions and time of the year. Weddings have a few more pictures to edit, and are often in the height of the busiest time, so they have a 6 week turnaround time. However, you will receive sneak peaks before receiving your full gallery!

I use an online gallery site to deliver your high resolution digital images. This gallery beautifully sorts, displays and shares your images, with the option of purchasing products directly from the site for an affordable price. It’s a one stop shop!

As s a natural light photographer, I rely heavily on sun placement and lighting to give me these bright, glowy images that I’m well known for. For this reason, I shoot a majority of my work during the time of day referred to as “golden hour”, which starts around 2 hours before sunset. This time provides the most flattering light and Kali loves!

Rain and inclement weather are just part of the photography game, unfortunately. The phrase “no rain, no flowers” is very true, so we do need some rain days in the mix. For this reason, I schedule in rain days into my schedule, in case it does rain and I need to move your session. My goal is always to keep the session planned until right up until a couple hours before, in case the weather decides to turn out in our favor. I only want the best for my clients, so trust me that I will do what it takes to get the perfect session day for you!

YES YES YES! Most people do not pose in front of the camera for a living, and need direction for what to do – I will not leave you without! I use a unique combination of directions and pose prompting to get a variety of effortless portraits and fun candids for your gallery. I promise, it’s not as bad as it seems!

I currently serve the Lewiston and Boise Idaho markets with no travel fee, and everywhere in between! I love traveling and would love to come to you. If you would like me to come to you, just ask and I’ll send you over a customized travel charge for your location!

I have spent years perfecting a shooting style that allows me to seamlessly and beautifully alter your images to reflect my popular bright and bold style. I love it and I hope you do too! I do not deliver RAW files from any session, main reasons being that it would not be a good representation of my work and it would require a full copyright release.

Every image you receive is individually edited for colour, contrast, exposure and style. Some images occasionally require a little more finessing for temporary things like blemishes, acne and bruises, but things like heavy facial retouching, wrinkle removal or body reshaping are not included with any of my packages and are available for an additional fee.

My gallery delivery site allows you a seamless ordering process, whether you choose individual prints or greeting cards and heirloom albums.