Why Your Wedding Photos are a Long Term Investment | Garrett + Cierra | Red Barn Farms, Colton WA Wedding

Photos Matter. 
Photos are the only way,
To hold on to what you knew. 
Because the moments they show never change,
When the people in them do. 

“But why can’t Uncle Phil take the photos?? He has his SUPER NICE camera!”  Okay, yes Uncle Phil or Aunt Debbie might have a nice camera, maybe they even take photos from time to time, but a wedding or special event is different.  There are professional photographers for a reason.  It’s because they are truly a master of their craft and aim to make every photo beautiful and want every client to be as happy as the last!  Especially on your big day, this will make things feel a lot less stressful having someone that is organized, focused and calm in your corner.  

When you are investing in a photographer for your wedding day, you are truly making an important decision.  This is going to be the person that takes the photos that you will look back on in 30+ years.  So you want them to be a good one, right?  That’s a key part in the investment.  You are not only investing in the pictures themselves, but so much more.  You are investing in that person’s experience with different situations, props, their time in the industry, experience in posing and staging, developing the photos and everything in between.  I remember doing my very first wedding and being overwhelmed!! Not knowing exactly where I needed to be when, not wanting to be too pushy, trying to remember all of the shots that we wanted done and so much more.  

Looking back, all the weddings that I have done since then have made me a much better photographer, especially for weddings.  Each wedding is unique and teaches me something special!  It’s so nice to be able to pull from my experience when a situation arises. 

The Vendor Team

Venue : Red Barn Farms
Videographer : Pure Productions Media
Dress : Believe Bride
Hair : Jai’cee Patterson
Makeup : Jenny Graham
Ring : James Allen
Bridesmaids : Azazie
Catering : Joe Manuel Carlos

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