Tyler + Kayla | Dreamy Spring Engagement

I was so excited for Kayla + Tyler’s engagement sessions for a couple reasons – 1. I haven’t done very many photoshoots for the last couple months (dang, the ‘rona!) so I’m actually bursting with creative energy. And, 2. Because LOOK how stinking cute they are!

They met at Dutch Bros (call it actual Dutch Luv). Tyler trained her during her first few days, and in his own words, “she was totally into me!” The rest is history, and he got down on a knee at the Village in Meridian to propose to her! We had soo much fun at their engagement session and laughed a lot! If these two weren’t already adorable, check out this location!

I always talk about how important locations are during photoshoots, as it an drastically changes the overall look and feel of a session. Keep in mind that you can choose ANY place you want – especially if this place is somewhere tropical and you are taking me with you…. jk, kind of. Choosing somewhere that is familiar to you, or has some sort of importance to you may be something you want. But you are always welcome to use one of my many, lesser known locations! I have all kinds of locations from tree farms, to urban downtown locations, and flowering fields, basically anything you can think of, I’ve worked in a location that I can recommend. These two let me take the reins on location choosing and I took them to one of my hidden treasures!

Scroll through below to see pictures of this couples location that made this session look soo dreamy!

YA’LL this is the first image that we got from their session…. EEK!
I’m a sucker for this light… one of my favs!

And then we were off to a second location and an outfit change!

And with the last kiss of sunset, we ended their gorgeous session! Thanks for a fun night, you two!

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