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The one where the photographer gets stuck in Aruba….

This trip was a whirl wind from start to finish, in the absolute best way possible.  A week before the wedding, I was asked from a friend of a friend if I would be able to make a spontaneous trip to Aruba to shoot a wedding.  Without a second thought of course I said yes!! 

I always say that all my weddings were the most beautiful, but this one was out of this world.  The wedding was on Eagle Beach at the Ritz Carlton.  We got to do some relaxing on the same beach during some of our down time!  Richard and Gabriela Ashworth were our bride and groom and they were truly the sweetest! 

Our airbnb was only a block from the ocean and also had its own pool and gorgeous rooms. As some of you know, I ended up spending quite a bit of extra time in Aurba because when we took our Covid tests to be able to fly back, mine was positive.  My original trip was supposed to be 4 days for the wedding, but that 4 days turned into 11!

My favorite part of the trip was that it was so spontaneous!  Within 10 days of booking the wedding, I was on a flight headed to Aruba.  I also had never photographed or been to the venue before so it truly tested my patience and creativity!  There are a lot of different variables when you’re shooting an #islandlife wedding!  Something I didn’t know about Aruba was that the wind blows 1,000,000% of the time.  This made it interesting when trying to pose with the wind and not fighting against it.  Also, when the power to the ENTIRE ISLAND went out when the bride was getting ready, still with wet hair!  

All in all, this was the most spontaneous, interesting, amazing trip for a wedding that I have ever been on!  Destination weddings are some of my favorite and this one defiantly did not disappoint!


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After the bride and groom has some time to themselves in the days following the wedding, and I was released from my quarantine stay in the airbnb, I got to go out with them for one last Aruba excursion, a SUNRISE session!

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