The Magic of a First Look | Keith + Emily | The Barn at Mader Farm Spring Wedding

The Humphrey wedding, goodness where do I start?? It is MAGIC.  There are couples that when you see them together, you just know they love each other so unconditionally.  Keith and Emily are one of those couples.  Without a doubt they were made for each other.  When I first started talking to them about their big day, they wanted it to be all about them celebrating their love for each other with the people that they love the most and that’s truly what it was!  One thing they knew from the beginning was that they wanted to do a first look, but what are the pros and cons of doing a first look?  And why did first looks even come about in the first place? 

The tradition of the groom not seeing the bride came from the history of arranged marriage, believe it or not! This was the tradition because the families didn’t want the couple to see each other before the ceremony so that there was less of a risk they would back out of the arrangement.  Since those days are past us, the newest trend is to do a first look with your soon to be partner!  


You can get most of your photos done before your ceremony.  This will give you more time after your ceremony to enjoy your reception and celebrate with those you love the most!

It gives you and your partner a few moments alone together before your ceremony.  After the ceremony, all your favorite people will be wanting to congratulate you and wish you well, and this is great, but it means there’s less one on one time for you and your better half.  A first look allows you two to have that special, intimate moment together with no interruption. 

All moments during your wedding will be emotional, but it’s so special to have this one caught on camera.  Being able to fully capture the emotion behind seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day are some of the most special photos to have.  First looks help show the true, raw emotion between you and your partner that could potentially be masked at the altar in front of lots of people.


You will have to get ready earlier in the day.  If you have a ceremony earlier in the day, this means you will have to get ready even earlier than you may have planned.  For some it might not be a problem, but if you’re not one that likes to get up early, this may be a deal breaker. 

Lighting may not be ideal.  First looks typically happen during the day, meaning the lighting is usually pretty harsh making it not the most ideal.  But, depending on your venue, this may not be the case!

From a photographer’s perspective, doing a first look makes the most sense when it comes to a smooth timeline.  But, if a couple chooses not to do a first look, it just means a little longer of a cocktail hour, which is great as well! Always remember, it’s your day.  Do what makes you and your partner happiest!


Venue : The Barn at Mader Farm
Florals : Flowers, Decor & More
Her Ring : The Diamond Shop
His Ring : The Diamond Shop
Dress Designer/Bridal Shop : Marcella’s Spokane
Bridesmaids Dresses : Azazie
Tux/Suits : Paulucci’s
Cake/Desserts : B’s Bakery
Invitation/Papergoods : Minted and PrintCraft Lewiston
DJ : Rocky Reynolds

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