So it’s raining on your wedding day.. now what? | The Carter’s | Idaho Rainy Day Wedding

Okay, so your wedding week is here, and you’re so excited for your day to go off without a hitch! 

You check and the weather local to your outdoor ceremony site, andddd… rain. 90% change of rain. The entire day. 

No exactly as any bride I’ve ever met has dreamed of their wedding day, but NOT TO FEAR! Here are a few ways that I’ve combatted weather concerns on wedding days as a wedding vendor, and ways you can consider if you’re a back up planner like me! 

  1.  It rained on your wedding day, don’t expect your photographer or videographer to portray it like it didn’t. There is nothing wrong with a little rain, and you’ll look back and smile on the day, knowing it was captured just like it was! TRUST THE VENDORS YOU HIRED ON YOUR DAY! Embrace your day exactly how it was, and you’ll appreciate it so much more! 
  2. CLEAR UMBRELLAS are your FRIEND. Photographer friends, invest in a. bulk pack of clear umbrellas and take these to every wedding you attend, not just the ones with rain in the forecast. They are super cute, and provide cover without compromising your lighting and color balance. You can also let your clients use them to get between spots during the day. You’re welcome. 
  3. Go out in the rain. Find as much cover as you can, but let it rain. There is no reason to stop it from happening, go about your day like normal and find overhangs next to the venue building or trees that provide some shade. Your photographer can stand in the rain while they take your pictures! 
  4. Large event tents. If your venue does not have an indoor area for the ceremony and reception, consider investing in event tents when factoring your budget. This will keep all of your guests out from the weather, and also allow you to have the wedding outdoors! 
  5. Watch the weather and shoot the gaps! Have your planner or photographer watch the hourly weather, and the weather currently happening outside, and when there are breaks in the rain TAKE ADVANTAGE of them! The last thing you want to do is wait until the end of the day to bust out a bunch of pictures in the rain on a wedding day, so work throughout the day to allow for touch ups and good lighting! 

Okay friends, I hope this helps! This wedding in particular POURED for over half of the time that I was there, but yet you can’t tell, unless you zoom in really close on some of the images. These clients were the best sports about it!

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