Is Bigger Really Better? Small Wedding Edition | Brian + Shay | Intimate Idaho Wedding

One thing I’ve heard from many brides that have large weddings (3,4,even 5 hundred guests) is that, even though they loved celebrating with so many people they love, the day sped by, they didn’t get to spend quality time with people like their parents/in-laws, their bridal parties, or even their new partner.  This is one of the biggest reasons that I am a HUGE fan of smaller, more intimate weddings.  So when the Carpenters told me that they wanted to have a stress free day, celebrating their love with the people that they are closest with, I was so excited!  The most important thing to both of them was to have a stress free day together with those they love! 

Intimate weddings are a trend that has been on the rise the last couple of years.  They have a lot of similarities to “regular” weddings, just on a smaller scale.  Most intimate weddings include less than 50 guests and many times less than 20 guests.  This allows you to have quality time celebrating your love with those that mean the absolute most to you and your partner.  

Having a smaller guest list allows you to save money while also having all of the amazing elements at your wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.  Many couples use small weddings as an opportunity to have a more extravagant wedding.  It could also allow a couple to have their dream wedding on a smaller budget, save for a financial goal, or save for their dream honeymoon!  

Let’s talk venue.  There are COUNTLESS venues that are smaller and limited on size.  Couples that chose to do a smaller, more intimate wedding, have the opportunity to see these venues and potentially use them.  Whereas if they were to have a larger wedding, they wouldn’t have this opportunity. 

Lastly, intimate weddings are far less stressful to plan and much less stressful on the big day.  It’s simple: less people=less planning, less set up, less commotion the day of and so much more.  There is more focus on what is the most important part or that day, you and your partner.  And less focus on if all the tables were set right, if everyone is where they need to be when and everything else that goes along with your wedding.  

If you were thinking of doing a small wedding, I say go for it.  In the end, it’s your day.  Whatever is going to make you the happiest as a couple is what you should do!


Venue : Hells Canyon Grand Hotel
Florals : Flowers, Decor & More
Her Ring : Shane Company
His Ring : Band and Vow
Dress Designer/Bridal Shop : Tina Valerdi – Forever Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses : Lulu’s
Tux/Suits : Mens Warehouse
Catering : Hells Canyon Grand Hotel
Cake/Desserts : Kessler Cakes
Bar : Hells Canyon Grand Hotel
Officiant : Amanda Clark
Rental Items : Hahn Rentals
Invitation/Papergoods : Minted
DJ : Dave Clark

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