How to be happy, present and thankful on your wedding day | Ashley + Ryan | Lindsay Creek Vineyard Wedding

All your hard work and planning has finally come to an end and your big day is here!  But, event thought it’s going to be one of the happiest days of your life, it still can stressful. Here are some of my favorite tips on how to stay present, thankful and most importantly happy on the best day ever!

  1. Use your helpers!

Whether it be a wedding planner, event coordinator, family or friends, let them help your with your never ending to-do list!  Your favorite people want to help you make this the best day ever, so let them!  The best way to do this is having specific tasks designated to specific people, that way you know who is in charge of what.  This will take a lot of stress off of you and let you relax and truly enjoy your day!

2. Make time for a little “me time”.

This might sound crazy to do on your wedding day, but everyone needs a break.  Schedule in time for yourself just like you would do for important wedding business.  Even blocking out 20 minutes during the time you might be the most overwhelmed will help you stay calm, cool and collected!  Go get some Starbucks, watch an episode of your fav show or just sit and soak in the day, whatever works best for you!

3. Write about your gratitude!

You can do this a multitude of different ways! Journaling about what you’re grateful for on your wedding day will be such as special thing to look back on in the years to come.  Another one of my favorites is hand written thank you cards for those closest to you on your big day.  These no only help you feel so thankful for all the help around you, but it also means to much to those closest to you and are sure to be treasured for a lifetime. 

4. Go get that beauty sleep!

REST, REST, REST, I can not stress this enough.  Everyone has a different sleep schedule and sleep requirements, so just know what works best for you, your body, and your mind.  Pro-tip: Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb”, turn off those blue screens and snuggle up in bed!

5. Don’t forget the romance!

Don’t forget what the day is really all about.  You are marrying your best friend and that is something so special!  You’re in this together.  So while you’re dreaming about how your center pieces look or about slicing into your delicious cake, be sure to carve out a few hours for you and your significant other!  This could be anything from getting away for a few hours, just you two, a love note delivered to them the morning of, or even as simple as a wedding day compromise!

When in doubt, take a deep breathe, ask for help, get your rest, and remember what the day is really all about.  It’s going to be the best day no matter what! 

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