Chance + Emily | An Idaho Mountaintop Elopement

Chance and Emily booked their wedding with me in mid 2019, before the craziness of wedding planning had started for the 2020 season. This was a season of excitement and joy, locking in dates and proceeding with engagement session scheduling.

Unfortunately the beginning of 2020 had different plans for many of my couples, and these two were one of them. Due to the size of their wedding and the number of family members traveling to be with them on their special day in September, Chance and Emily made the heartbreaking decision to postpone heir celebration. This decision, I’m sure, did not come lightly.

However unfortunate that may have been, they decided that they didn’t want to wait to celebrate their love story and made it official! They had a sweet, intimate backyard ceremony over the weekend of the 4th of July to say their vows and make it official! I was so excited for them, and even more thrilled when Emily and I began planning their elopement bridals!

One bright light that has come out of the unfortunate events in 2020 is intimate ceremonies – I love me a good backyard, small capacity ceremonies! There is something so special about spending your official date with the few closest people to you, exchanging your forever vows with your best friend, and getting to celebrate intimately. These celebrations are proof that nothing can stop love, not even COVID.

Andddd… What’s a celebration without champagne? 🙂

So much love for this sweet couple! I can’t wait to celebrate them, along with all of their friends and family in April 2021!

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