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In the spirit of the 2022 season wrapping up, I thought it would be so fun to do a recap of the KP 2022!  I was blessed with my busiest wedding season yet, with 19 weddings in total.  Yes, it was so crazy and so busy, but also SO worth it and SO rewarding to be trusted to capture 19 beautiful couples on one of their biggest days.  Let’s run through all of my favorites from the 2022 season, and maybe a few hints at what I think are going to be some of the biggest 2023 trends in the wedding world.

Favorite Venue:  Landmark Mountain Ranch

The Barn at Landmark Mountain Ranch quickly turned into my favorite location of 2022!  Until this season, I hadn’t been to this venue, but as soon as I did, I fell in love.  Everything from the stunning white barn, the privacy to the most accommodating owners, this place has it all!  Not only is the barn, bridal suite and groomsman quarters (in a SILO) so fresh and pretty, the trees and greenery surrounding the property are just as beautiful.  This venue is definitely at the top of my list for local venues!

Favorite Dress:  Love a Double Dress Moment

Honestly, if I could pick every bride and every dress for this category, I would 100%. No questions asked.  But, if I had to pick, it would be this moment.  This bride had a *slight* theme (we’ll chat about that in a bit) to her wedding and the dresses helped pull everything together in the most perfect way.  Her ceremony dress was a very modern – full champagne, glitter ball gown.  Literally every little girl’s fairy princess dream.  Absolutely to die for!  The second dress was a more fun, party ball gown that was strapless.  She also added a bow in her hair for the reception! 

Most Creative Tradition:  A Send-off to Remember

If you’re choosing to do a send off, do something with a little ✨sparkle✨  This year I had so many different kinds of send offs that were so fun!  I saw sparkler cannons, sparklers, balloons, flower petals, so many kinds of send offs.  Just remember to be careful in whatever you do.  Things with fire can get dangerous in a hurry!

Favorite Vendor:  

Okay but seriously I really could not pick a favorite for this one!  I have so many AMAZING vendors that I have been so lucky to work with in the past.  If you’re curious about some of my favorite vendors, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! There is a whole page on my website that will give you all the deats.  Link below!

Best Cake: Have the Prettiest Cake (or dessert

) and Eat it too

Don’t forget the dessert! To be honest, by the end of a wedding day, I’m SO looking forward to getting a little treat to eat on the way home. I always love getting to work with both B’s Bakery and The Brookery – but this year we even had a Crumble cookie catering!

Best Florist: Teal Lane (IYKYK)

Honestly, if you know, you know!  Teal Lane is such a unique vendor to have in our area.  As a vendor, she grows almost all of her own flowers (how freaking cool) that she uses at events.  Betsy is incredibly affordable and the sweetest human. 
PRO TIP: Photographers and florists getting ready for your 2023 weddings; REQUEST THE EXTRA FLORALS!  Photographers, when chatting with your couples, talk to them and ask them to ask the florist for extra steams for detail shots.  Using florals from the day makes allll the difference! Florists bring the extra steams, even if they weren’t asked for.  Because on wedding day, we’d rather be safe than sorry. 

Best Food: Who’s Going to Say No to Pizza

I love all the unique things and this was definitely one of my favorites from the 2022 season.  We had Fazzari’s pizza for dinner at the wedding! If you live in the LCV, know someone that lives in the LCV or ever been to the LCV, you know Fazzari’s is the best of the best.  It was something that I had never seen before and not the norm for a wedding and I LOVED it!

New Trend We Love: The Smaller the Better

This year I did a wedding with only 55 people there, and it was truly so much fun because the couple was very close with every person there. So special! Looking forward to the 2023 trends, I think that small, intimate weddings are going to be all the rage!  The last few years, especially, we have seen small weddings become so popular and I think we’re only getting started.

Overall most “liked” gallery

Such a special and fun day celebrating the Borth’s! These two’s gallery blew up on my website, and so many of you loved their posts as well. Cheers to married!

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