Senior Poses That Are Perfect in a Flower Garden | Idaho Senior Photographer

Many early summer senior session clients request flower fields of all varieties for at least one of their locations, and I will truly never get tired of following a senior around at sunset in a field of color.

Seriously, the seniors are always stunning and so is the scene. Morgan chose to visit a rose garden that is a LCV staple, and never disappoints!

Although all of my senior sessions are treated different, below are some of my go to poses for senior sessions in flower fields!

First go to pose : one hand on her hip, other hand grabbing onto her clothing and spinning just slightly to give us movement.
Forearm to top of the head and other arm around waist. Slightly have them lean toward the camera.
Wrap up in a hug, and to add variety change up those hands!
Always play with the hair!
Kneeling in the grass (to get on the level of the roses) and hand up in that hair.
Lightly grabbing onto a flower in front of them, having her turn slightly away to look back over her shoulder.
Are the garden twirls!
Fluffing hair.
Grabbing that flower again.

All Full Senior Packages include more than one location, so here were some more favorites from the rest of her session!

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