Making the Most of your Year of Lasts | 2022 Senior Spokesmodels | Idaho Senior Photographer

As your high school years come to a close, a lot is about to change!  There is so many excited things that are about to head your way, but cherishing the time you have left is super important too.  Here’s a few of my top tips to make the most of these next few months!

1. Take ALL the pictures!  

Pictures with friends, during lunch runs, before and after school, weekend adventures, grad parties, anything and everything.  If there’s a moment that you think “Wow I hope I never forget this”, take a picture!

2. Enjoy every “last”.

During the next few months, there’s going to be A LOT of “last” moments that you’ll experience.  From your last day at school, to the last time you’ll talk to some teachers or classmates, take all of those in.  Be in the moment and file those moments away in your memory.  You’ll look back one day and love that you soaked it all in!

3. Go to all the events you can!

Even if you weren’t someone that went to games or rallies or dances during your time in high school, go now!  You won’t regret making those memories with your classmates.  You only get so much time to go to these events as a student, and trust me, it’s not the same when you’re not in high school anymore. 

Moral of the story, memories may fade but pictures last a lifetime, be in the moment, and go to all the things!

p.s. Go to safe and sober, there’s free food, great prizes and fun activities, what more could you want?? You’ll look back one day and be happy you went!

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