Lilly | 2021 Spokesmodel | Clarkston High School Senior

Didn’t think my spokesmodel girls could get much sweeter, and then THIS girl stepped in front of my camera. So sweet and naturally so pretty! 

Lilly applied for my spokesmodel program early on, and blew me away when her personality shined through her application. At first, we tried to find her blooming trees – SOUL SISTER – for her session, but due to COVID had to postpone to the end of June. At that time, there were no trees, but we did find some STUNNING fields that were absolutely perfect for her! 

The best part of her session had to be the entourage she brought who was hyping her up every pose she did, making her giggle and grin so naturally! Seriously, if you know her mom, dad and sister, you’ll know that they are just the best. 

Thanks for the fun girl! 

THIS lighting, just wow.

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