Lillia | 2021 Spokesmodel | Clarkston High School

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a senior session on my blog, and it’s not because I haven’t been doing them. I’ve been swamped with seniors prepping for the yearbook deadlines for many of my seniors. Fall is always a special time because I get my last big influx of senior sessions! I get a little bummed knowing this is most likely the last of my 2021 seniors, but as quickly as that feeling comes over me, I get a feeling of excitement for my 2022 seniors. I can’t believe how many inquiries I have gotten already!

This is Lillia, a Clarkston High School senior who is just as sweet as she looks! She requested a fall session, and we hit a beautiful park just in time to get both the warmth of the summer and the golden, rich fall upon-us vibes!

Just LOOK At this girl’s gorgeous brown eyes
One of my favs

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