Let’s Talk Confidence: How to Feel your Best for your Senior Session | Addison, Moscow High School Senior

THIS GIRL ROCKS! From the moment I met Addison, I knew she was going to be a laid back, super fun senior! She was so calm when we *almost* had to reschedule due to weather, but the day turned out PERFECTLY and I can’t help but think it was because she trusted the process and allowed me to make the best decision for her shoot!

My pride often comes from being able to give my clients the confidence going into their session that they are taken care of, and provide them with helpful tips to boost their confidence before and during the shoot. Here are a few of my favorite ways : 

  1. Hair and makeup : this is an important, and sometimes overlooked step, for senior portraits. It’s amazing what someone else taking care of this for you can make you feel! My hair and makeup team works wit many seniors and makes sure these girls are the most radiant and flowing versions of themselves, while enhancing the pieces of them that are them. Freckles and birth mark stay, while any blemishes that won’t be there for more than 5 days will be covered and then removed during my editing process. 
  2. Lashes! Many of my girls fear false lashes, but they really highlight eyes! Some of my hair and makeup providers also sell this service, and can get them in for last extensions before the session. 
  3. Don’t overlook your nails. Having your nails groomed for pictures is a big yes from me! Surprisingly, your hands show much more than you think in pictures, so always always remember to have them done for your session. Even bare nails look better than chipped, three week old polish. Keep in mind that you’ll want them to match your outfits, so the more natural the colors, the better they may look! 
  4. PLAN YOUR OUTFITS AHEAD! Waiting until the day before, or even week before, can cause a lot of outfit anxiety, and my hope for my clients is that they are able to have their outfits picked out a couple weeks in advance so you can rest assure that you LOVE what you are going to wear! 
  5. Trust your photographer. Hire a professional, and then trust them! If you have chosen them after searching the internet for a style that you can picture yourself in, then allow them to work their magic, make recommendations and pose you as they see best. You will be pleasantly surprised! 

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