How to Incorporate your High School Sport into your Senior Portraits | Audrey, Pullman Senior Portraits

Audrey is one of those seniors you want to hang out with, she is so sweet and appreciative. And I loved getting to know her during her session! We met in Pullman to discuss her outfit options and set out for a couple cute locations. 

Important thing to note, Audrey wanted NOTHING to do with doing her pictures at Lawson Gardens, and when I asked her why, her response was… 

“It’s just overdone. Like everyone gets their prom, graduation, etc pictures there. And they are all like, mom pictures”. 

This, my friends, is why you hire a professional. After the first location, she was obsessed with her images. My vision of the reflecting pool, the beautiful landscape and colorful florals, was spot on. 

Audrey is also an athlete, and wanted to incorporate her sports into the images, while keeping them mostly her outfits and the bright and airy style of my work. My favorite place to photograph athletes is their school or their field/court/etc, because its an important place for them, and often times where they feel pretty confident! 

Loved this night with her! 

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