How to incorporate animals into your senior session | Sydnee | Clarkston High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Animals are a huge part of our lives and making us who we are, so why not incorporate them into photos that you will look back on for the rest of your life??  Here are some of the best ways to incorporate animals into your senior session:

  1. Let your photographer know!

By letting them know ahead of time, they will have time to find a animal friendly location and bring any necessary supplies (treats are a must).

2. Plan a cute outfit & accessory to match!

Who doesn’t love to be matching? Plan for you and your animal to wear something similar.  It will make your photos look cohesive, planned and it will be something special for you to look back on!

3. Pre-session prep is a must!

Just like you get ready for a senior session with hair, makeup and all the fun things, so should your pet.  Whether that’s a grooming appointment before the session, putting on their nicest collar or giving them a good brush, you want your pet to put their best paw forward for pictures! 

No matter what pet you bring, make sure to pack them water, treats, toys, and waste bags.  Having a pet at your senior session is so special and a memory to last a life time!

Pro tip: Get your pet some exercise before the session!  Especially if they are a hyperactive dog, this will really help them be able to relax for photos and be easier to work with!

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