Amber | WSU Veterinary Medicine Graduate Session

I’ve been so excited to share this session because this client travelled from ALL THE WAY across the states (Tennessee to be exact) to work with me!

Okay, kidding kind of.

Amber was a student at Washington State University in the veterinary medicine program when the COVID-19 situation made for a quick end to her studies, and she had to move back to Tennessee to be with her husband for the time being. I was so bummed because I thought this would mean we couldn’t work with each other, but she was able to return to gather her belongings about a month later!

I’m SO GLAD because Amber is the cutest and sweetest vet that there ever was! She first messaged me several months before booking her session with me, and I was so excited to get her infant of my camera! Thanks for returning to the area and allowing me to capture this exciting time in your life!

Congrats, Amber! I know you will go so far, please keep in touch. <3

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