3 Unlikely Places for Senior Sessions | Elise

Not every senior session has to be the same, or always in a wheat field or downtown. There are SO many places your senior portrait photographer can take you to capture memories that will mean a little extra, because of where they are taken! Read below a few unlikely senior session locations!

Elise is a Clarkston High School Senior who is on my 2022 spokesmodel program. I’m so proud of the girl she is! When we met before her senior session, she had no preference really of what we did for her pictures, so I got to make a few extra decisions on where we would go – these locations did not disappoint!

1. The Senior’s School

School memorabilia and sports uniforms just look better on the school’s campus, let’s be honest.

2. Abandoned Warehouse

This warehouse is a little abandoned and run down, but a cute, colorful outfit dresses it up and makes your client POP in front of the monochromatic colors!

3. Local Walking Paths

Walking paths in the city are always so beautiful, and well kept up for people who walk their dog daily or choose outdoor running for exercise. This makes for the perfect spot to take sessions!

Comment below your favorite “unlikely” photo location!

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