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Meet Kali

Owner | Photographer

I’m so glad you’re here

Being a dreamer and a busy body, it would take hours for me to tell you about all of the things I’m wildly passionate about. I’m an overly enthusiastic creative who loves a good reason to celebrate.

At the heart of everything I do is my people.

As a people-centered photographer, I’m intentional about creating an experience that breeds comfort and joy in every part of their portrait experience.

My excitement for my “job” reflects in everything I do here at KP, and the best part really comes down to being chosen to celebrate my clients during the most exciting and intimate times in their lives.

So many of these clients turn into friends after working with me, and there is nothing more magical than that. When someone trusts me as their friend and photog, that is where the magic happens. 

a once in a lifetime


After starting my photography business at a young age, and over the years I have wholeheartedly pursued creating a client experience that reflects the love and excitement I have for both beautiful images and the people in them. 

I’m both passionate about and incredibly thankful for. I spend my days with people who are celebrating their most exciting and intimate seasons of life with me, and I’m chosen to make sure they can remember it forever.

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favorite tv show to binge

mostly trash tv & law + order episodes

My dog’s name


morning or night

definitely a lover of slow mornings

I’D SPEND my whole paycheck on

pretty house plants

Favorite food

is brunch a food group?

COFFEE order

iced coffee or a nice cup of Folgers in the morning


in the garden & with my nieces

go to drink

you’ll mostly find me with champagne in hand, but I love a good paloma

forever ON REPEAT

Morgan Wallen Radio

CURRENTLY podcast binge

Anything true crime or women in business

the team



Owner | Photographer

Love spending my days snuggled up with my pup, working from home in my jammies. If you find me on a day off work, I’m probably doing house projects or with family. Find me with a coffee in the morning and a pretty drink in the evening.


office pups

Lovers of naps under the desk, lunchtime breaks for pets, and meeting my clients during consults! We do not love the mail man or anyone delivering a package to my house. 

My favorite things about photography


photograph the moments

Photography is so special. When you think about it, it’s a tangible way of grabbing a moment, that will never ever return and holding onto it forever. I’ll never take this work for granted.


When clients become friends

My client experience is by far my favorite part of my job. I *love* getting to meet new people, celebrate special moments, and serve my clients well. My goal is that we leave as friends.


creating heirloom worhty images

Once you receive your gallery, you will have the option to print images that you love to display on your walls, your coffee table and proudly display them for years to come.

my why

After shooting weddings for 6 years, the love of my life and I tied the knot in an intimate mountaintop ceremony, before planning our big day with our closest friends and family. This is truly how I saw my wedding experience going from the very start – and had even contemplated a destination ceremony. From the start, we wanted this to be a celebration of our love and it’s given me a totally new perspective of what marriage looks like. And even more, what a wedding day should feel like.

So many outside forces want to influence you to do what is common or right, but I’m here to make your day just that…


Did you just find your forever photographer?