Kali Photography


the ultimate senior experience

every year Kali Photography selects only the elite senior applicants to represent her brand for their senior year. Are you ready?

This is a wildly anticipated program that only a select and limited number of seniors are accepted into! Over the years, hundreds of seniors have applied, and this year has only geared up to be better. I only have room for the most elite seniors on my team this year, and I’m so excited to get started! High school is such an exciting time, and your senior year can be full of so many emotions, which deserve to be celebrated!

High School Juniors applying for the spokesmodel program are chosen based on their involvement in school and community actives, as well as their overall personality and ability to represent my brand for their entire senior year! Seniors must be located in the surrounding areas of the LC Valley and Boise areas to be considered. The seniors that I choose are very special and I make sure they feel celebrated the whole year! This program is centered around you – giving you an elevated senior experience all year long and unique portrait session – because you deserve to be celebrated! The information below is intended to answer all of your questions, but if any arise, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


The Timeline

01. Applications – FALL/winter 2022

Application for the Class of 2023 will open in December 2022 for early access! High School Juniors are able to apply until the end of December thru the end of the year! Keep an eye on social media for application closing dates.

02. announcements – WINTER 2023

Accepted Seniors will be announced in the late winter! This is the hardest secret to keep – but I keep my picks on the down low until I surprise some sweet girls. It’s always fun because they are least expecting it!


A very special night! Our KP Spokesmodel Meet & Greet with all Spokesmodels is held sometime in the spring. This is a fun night for all of my spokesmodels to be in the same place, team building, getting to know each other, and having a blast while doing it! There is no better way to kick off the year!


Individual senior sessions begin in April, and can be scheduled thru the end of July – these will be scheduled early on in their spokesmodel experience. Spokesmodels get first pick of my limited session dates throughout the spring and summer, so this is a sure way to know we have your session planned. These sessions are all about spoiling you!

Completing your spokesmodel session early helps you bring in referrals through having pictures to post and tell your friends about your time with me!

05. GROUP SESSION & LifeLONG BFF’S – 2023 THRU 2024

A super fun group session is included with your acceptance for you and the other spokesmodels in the program! Spokesmodels are asked to make every effort to be at these sessions, but it is not required or guaranteed. I also try to do mini sessions throughout the year to give spokesmodels a good variety in their galleries!
Spokesmodels and their families get discounted additional sessions during peak season time, so family sessions have never been more affordable!


You’ll be given a fully-edited online gallery of high resolution images! After each group and additional session, your individual pictures will be added to your galleries, so you have access to all of the pictures that we captured of you! These galleries often have hundreds of images for you to choose from – how could you ever run out of #seniorsunday posts!


The Perks


once accepted into the KP spokesmodel program, you will meet a group of girls from schools near you that you may not have otherwise gotten to know! These girls will be your team for the whole senior year, and become your new bff’s throughout the process!


full senior sessions include :
  • 90 Minute Photoshoot
  • Professional Hair & Makeup 
  • Up to 4 Locations
  • Up to 4 Outfits
  • KP Senior Style Guide
  • Online Gallery with Print Release


spokesmodels are invited to many spokesmodel-only events throughout the year, including the initial meet and greet, shopping events, additional shoots and sometimes movie nights! We will spend a lot of time getting to know each other and having so much fun!
You will also have the opportunity to earn credit for referring other seniors to KP!


the only cost of the program for the entire year!


The spokesmodel program does have a cost associated with it, to allow for the success of it! There are no other fees associated with the program for the entire year, unless you choose to print your images through your online gallery – there is no obligation to do so. Seniors are able to use their spokesmodel status to make their investment back in credit by referring clients to Kali!

a kp senior looks like….


There is no size, color, social group or “typical” high school girl chosen for the program. Each spokesmodel is hand picked based on who they are on the inside. I’m so lucky to get to photograph clients of every kind, and pride myself on a spokesmodel team that reflects those that shine the brightest from the inside, out.

Tips for successful application!

Last year, over 75 applications flooded my inbox for the spokesmodel program – it is widely sought out.

01. Fill out completely + in detail

Most applications that are not completely filled out and given thought while completing will not be considered. This application process allows me to get to know you, and without detailed responses, I may miss key characteristics that prove you have what it takes. Only seniors who are willing to put in the work the whole year are considered!

02. Don’t be afraid to show some personality!

These applications are the best way for me to get to know you and see if you are a good fit for my spokesmodel team! Make sure that along with your completed application, remember to spend time on your answers giving me some idea on who you are! I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you!

03. Discuss the opportunity with a parent

Tell your parents about this exciting opportunity! Parents are the first to find out about your acceptance, and it’s a requirement that they are on board. Their excitement about Kali Photography and interest in supporting my business is equally as important as yours to getting accepted.

04. Apply with your friends!

There is nothing better than getting to be a part of something with your bff’s. Although you will meet sooo many new gal pals in the spokesmodel group, you can also apply together and have fun through the whole process!!


No modeling experience needed! I will teach you everything you need to know about being in front of the camera!

In fact, all of the incredible seniors that you see on my social media and website are all real seniors just like you! It may feel a little silly to do some of the things, like walking toward the camera or placing your hands on your face. But I promise, you will love the result if you trust the process!

There is a $100 fee after acceptance to hold the senior’s spot on the spokesmodel program, this fee is due within 15-30 days of the notification. Because this is a limited offer, if the payment cannot be made, I will need to know at the time of acceptance, because the senior’s spot will need to be surrendered to another spokesmodel’s opportunity. I would still LOVE to work with them! The remaining balance will be due within 3 months of the notification.

Don’t wait to apply! If you are considering the KP Spokesmodel program, please apply asap. There are only a few number of spots available, and once applications close, they will not reopen!

All of my galleries are delivered in a similar, cohesive shooting and editing style, that I often refer to as bright and bold! I love the style that I work in, and I hope you do too! I do not make exceptions to this style, to ensure that I can meet all of my clients’ gallery expectations.

My favorite compliment that I received often from senior sessions is that my clients look like themselves – but in a happy and bright light! Your senior’s images will reflect what they look like at that time, for you to remember for years to come. My rule is, if it won’t be there in a week, it won’t be in your pictures! Therefore, things like birth marks, freckles, certain scars, will all remain, but bruises and major breakouts will be retouched. Advanced skin smoothing, major acne removal, teeth whitening and more can often times make clients look like a less authentic version of themselves. For this reason, I do not offer retouching services that are extensive. If you have any requests in this area, just ask, I do some of these edits for a fee.

My spokesmodel program is truly known for the experience that I give my clients. I put my heart into every session, and love getting to know my clients. So many of my seniors become some of my good friends towards the end of the year, and I shed a tear or two seeing them graduate and go off into the world! The bond I have with my seniors and spokesmodels is amazing! I also pride myself on being able to spoil and make my clients feel so comfortable in front of the camera. It’s a skill of mine that I *love* to see clients come to their session nervous at first, but soon after be laughing at my jokes and looking like they do this for a living!