KP Spokesmodel Program

This is a highly anticipated program for many seniors to apply to be a part of my spokesmodel team. Not only do you get so many perks and discounts for being a model for the KP Senior brand, you will get accepted into the coolest girl gang in the area! Being in high school can be a scary time – especially with COVID and all of the restrictions with that – however, my goal is to make it feel like just any year. There is so much still to celebrate!

High School Juniors applying for the spokesmodel program are chosen based on their involvement in school and community actives, as well as their overall personality and ability to represent my brand for their entire senior year! The seniors that I choose are very special and I make sure they feel celebrated the whole year! This program is individualized to you – giving you an enhanced senior experience and unique portrait session! In addition to being featured in all of Kali Photography’s senior advertisements, you will receive lots of benefits!

Spokesmodel Program


It’s Finally Here!

KP Spokesmodel Program Application